Using an Escort Agency a step by step guide

Booking an escort for the first time can be quite a daunting experience. Selecting an agency that has a good reputation for girls and customer experience is an integral part of the process.

It is important to take your time and not to rush. Having an insufficient window of opportunity to select your perfect companion, will only lead to disappointment. However if you leave enough time to browse through the large number of profiles, it will be of significant help. If the circumstances allow, always try and book in advance 12 - 24 hours is normally sufficient. There are many categories to choose from so be sure of your preference.

  • Porn Star
  • Supermodel
  • Girl next door
  • Busty
  • Blonde or Brunette
  • Eastern European
  • Latino/ Black/ Asian
  • Young or Mature

Selection Process

The next part should be fairly straightforward - try and select an escort that catches your eye and ideally has that 'wow factor'. Someone that you can easily imagine or fantasise being and spending time with. It is advised to have a second and possibly third option as a contingency plan. The best girls are in high demand and as a result are often unavailable. So if you are struggling to choose someone, call the agency in advance to find out who is popular and who they recommend. Remember you are the client so do not hesitate to ask.

Making the booking

Always be sure of the time, the duration, available budget and whether an 'incall' or 'outcall' appointment. Make the choice of entertaining at your home/ hotel or visiting your escort at their place of residence. Whatever your option is always try and take into account distance as this will help determine the required travel time. This will also help determine what escorts can be available for you within your timeframe. Special requirements such as stockings, suspenders & heels or a particular uniform or dress code must be communicated beforehand. If you are looking to fulfil a lifetime fantasy or indulge in a particular service do not hesitate to ask. A good escort agency will always endeavour to ensure your encounter runs as smoothly possible.

Preparing to meet

Be clean, smart, nicely groomed and well presented. Do not forget to have fresh breath and spray on your best aftershave. Treat this occasion similarly to going on an actual date with your dream woman. The last points are really ones regarding etiquette. If you are running late always call the escort agency to let them know - they will pass your message on. Payment should always be made immediately upon arrival - the correct amount of cash handed needs to be handed over in a concealed envelope. A Bank transfer is an alternative option too. This will avoid any embarrassing conversations or awkward moments, allowing you to concentrate fully on 'getting down to business'.

Do not worry you are in safe hands. The professional experience of escorts almost guarantee their expertise in making you feel incredibly welcome and fully relaxed. Enjoy the experience!