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Prostitution, the oldest profession in the world

Sep 30 2020
Introduction According to some research reports, prostitution was considered the oldest job in the history of mankind. Ancient jobs came into being primarily due to the earliest of basic human needs. Sex featured alongside farming, toolmaking, carpentry, hunting, and being a butcher. But even in such primitive circumstances, it’s possible to envision situations where mates frequently fell victim to their prey. Mainly due to hunting with primitive weapons. Also, disease or injury would often result in a unbalance between the […]

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Change of career becoming an Escort

Jul 06 2020
Introduction Whilst this may not be a number one career choice, there are many benefits to being an escort. Not only financial ones.  These include being your own boss, having flexible working hours, travelling the world, and having the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.  Above all, personality and character are key though in order to be successful within this unique role, such as being: Openminded Headstrong Goal-oriented  Sociable Being focused on a particular goal will ensure you are […]

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Using an Escort Agency a step by step guide

May 19 2020
Booking an escort for the first time can be quite a daunting experience. Selecting an agency that has a good reputation for girls and customer experience is an integral part of the process. It is important to take your time and not to rush. Having an insufficient window of opportunity to select your perfect companion, will only lead to disappointment. However, if you leave enough time to browse through the large number of profiles; it will be of significant help. […]

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